A simple, powerful SQLite manager
for Mac OS X


(also available on the Mac App Store)

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Best at the basics

Table creation, custom queries, auto-complete and inline data filtering. Just some of the basic features you can expect. Whether you want to modify a foreign key, update some data or modify a trigger, we can help you out.

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History & favourite queries

Have a query you may want to execute multiple times? Want the results from a query you executed in a previous session? Solve these issues by storing a favourite query or access the list of previously selected queries.

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Execute multiple result sets

Need to see the results for multiple tables at once? You can execute multiple queries and have the results for both displayed at the same time.

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Full ‘versions’ support

Integration with OSX Versions support. Accidentally truncate a table? Revert to any previously saved state!

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Jonathan Down, software developer at Pitch Perfect
“SQLPro has made my job as an iOS developer so much easier. The integration with versions, and reusable queries keep my code fast and safe.”